Jellybean Casino : Review of the games and bonuses offered

A plethora of slot machine games can be found on JellyBean online casino. These slot games have amazing graphics, very good sound effects, and players can choose from a variety of different themes. In fact, software developers are continually creating and delivering new games or improving existing games by using new and innovative technological advances. This results in a more exciting gaming experience for players.

Extraordinary bonuses

Experienced gamblers really know how online betting works, and they won’t waste their time betting on an online casino that won’t reward them for spending their hard-earned money. JellyBean offers lots of bonuses for new and old players. The welcome bonus itself is 1000 € and consists of a 200% match bonus of up to 500 € on each of the first two deposits. Slot fans can also get an additional bonus of € 3,000 through a 300% single deposit bonus. As for blackjack players, they can get 100% bonuses of up to € 200 on a maximum of 10 deposits for a total of €2,000.

Range of Jellybean games

The beautiful 3D graphics of the Aztec Treasures slot machine are amazing as are the ones found in the game on an oceanic theme Crystal Waters. The gold Beard slots is based on a story of pirates, and The Enchanted Garden Game talks about the universe of the fantastic with fairies and witches. Sports fans can try out the field of Green slot machine game at Jellybean Casino while travelers from around the world will probably prefer the Beauty slot machine game. The T-Rex slots game features scary dinosaur graphics while the Three Stooges theme game is based on a burlesque comedy. In fact, the constant evolution of slot machine game offerings makes online betting activities very exciting for all players.

Casino JellyBean offers incredible free deals that change often. There are exciting welcome bonuses designed to allow new players to play free games and get a feel for the site. The free welcome bonuses also feature free play hours given to the player when the player makes an initial deposit. There are special bonuses for big gamblers and even more unique bonuses for players joining the VIP club. In addition, the site frequently offers tournaments as well as constantly changing weekly bonuses.

The exciting table games at the jellybean casino feature amazing graphics and beautiful sounds. There are different versions of baccarat, craps, roulette, blackjack, keno and poker, available day or night with 3D animations and sound adjustable of very high quality. Finally, the customer service and technical support agents can be contacted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer questions from players.

Game lovers of all skill levels flock to JellyBean in hopes of making a lot of money. Even though the interface and the games are simple enough for new players to understand, even the experts come to play at this casino because of the high payout rates, the big bonuses and the quality of the good times you spend there. The casino offers a winning rate of over 97% in total, which means that for every 100 & euro that the casino perceives as player bets, it pays back € 97 in winnings. This percentage is phenomenal, and it has allowed JellyBean to become the renowned casino that it is today.

What about the big gamblers?

The better the bettors feel comfortable playing at an online casino like JellyBean, the more likely they are to spend money there. As competition in the online betting industry is fierce, large bettors often flock to casinos that provide them with the best benefits when they make deposits. The bonus is part of this, and each time a player makes a deposit of more than € 750, they can receive a 200% bonus of up to €2,000. This means that a player who deposits € 1,000 will have a game capital of € 3,000 to enjoy his favorite games.