Judith Nilan Award for Community Service to Youth

Criteria for Nomination:

This award honors an individual who...

  • Works as a school social worker, school psychologist, guidance counselor, teacher, principal or vice-principal for a school or school system within the 21-town Necasa region
  • Has shown dedication to students for a minimum of three years as part of their position
  • Has promoted substance abuse prevention and positive youth development
  • Has the personal qualities and commitment to youth which were exemplified by the late Judith Nilan

How to Submit Your Nomination

  • To submit electronically, download and save the nomination form to your computer. Type in all fields, save the completed version, and then email to necasa@snet.net.
  • To submit via mail, download and print the nomination form. Fill out all fields and mail to NECASA, 559 Hartford Pike, Suite 203, Dayville, CT 06241.

Past Winners of the Judith Nilan Award



Elizabeth Scheff,Social Worker,
Windham Tech HS


Kim Hegg, Counselor
Parish Hill HS


Karen Schenck, Physical Education and Health Teacher
Scotland School


Mark Chuoke, Special Education Teacher
Woodstock Academy


Kathy Chase, School Social Worker
Woodstock Academy


Marcia McGinley, School Social Worker
Parish Hill


Philippa Paquette, School Psychologist
Putnam Middle School

Laura Hayes, School Psychologist
Putnam High School

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